eBay pay for their mistake

eBay apparently made an error on the price of one of today’s Daily Deals and advertised it at £9.99 instead of £11.99. It appears that they’re dipping into their own coffers to make good the difference. With approaching 250 sold it’s not a huge amount of money, looking to be around £500 or so in total, but it shows the importance of the Deal of the Day program to eBay.

Buyers who paid £11.99 for the Fila Polo Shirt have received the following email informing them of the mistake and confirming that they’ll be receiving a refund

“Unfortunately due to an oversight at eBay they have listed the price for this incorrectly on their Deal of the Day email. However eBay have agreed to honour this price and match the email £9.99 for this item.
As your order has already been paid for we will refund the £2 difference. This will be processed and refunded back to your PayPal account in the next 2 working days. We are sorry for inconvenience caused and hope you will be delighted with your order.
Love from,
eBay Team @ Littlewoods Clearance”