Snow affects UK postal deliveries and collections

Snowy Footprints On The Dock
Creative Commons License photo credit: Aa?on

As snow once again covers much of the UK, delays to postal deliveries and collections are being announced.

Royal Mail breaks down service information by region: areas currently listed as affected by the weather include Scotland, the north east and north west of England, and Devon and Cornwall.

ParcelForce has made an announcement detailing affected areas, mostly in Scotland and northern and central England:

  • areas covered by the Manchester, Preston and Liverpool depots had deliveries suspended today
  • in many areas ad-hoc collections were suspended today and will not be made tomorrow

DHL and UPS don’t apparently have anything on their websites yet, but anyone with a time-sensitive delivery might do well to check if a collection is coming to them, and if their buyer has any hope of getting it delivered.

Regardless of which service you use, it’s worth warning your buyers in advance that delays may happen due to the weather. Buyers in more clement parts of the country can easily think they won’t be affected – and even those who’ve received no post for a few days still blame the seller rather than the snow for their non-delivery. So – even though it seems too obvious to need saying – it’s worth adding a line or two to your dispatch or payment receipt emails.