eBay Adcommerce gets IAB accreditation

Good news for AdCommerce users, eBay are exceptionally good at catching fraudulent clicks so that they only bill you for valid ones. That’s according to ImServices Group who have just accredited eBay’s compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Click Measurement Guidelines.

eBay join a small group including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! as one of the first to become IAB accredited. The aim of the program is to to assure advertisers that the clicks they pay for are real.

eBay is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertising partners and that AdCommerce advertisers are not charged for invalid or fraudulent clicks.
Alexis Van De Wyer, Director of Advertising, eBay

Have you been using AdCommerce lately? If so how is it performing for you in terms of numbers of clicks and conversions?