PayPal offer faster withdrawal for £5.00 a go

paypalwithdrawIf you’re in a hurry to get your funds from PayPal they’re willing to charge you a fiver to get the funds to you within one or two working days.

I’m not sure who would be desperate enough to need funds when the typical transfer time has already reduced to 2-3 working days. That’s already a great improvement from a few years back when it wasn’t unusual for a PayPal withdrawal to take over a week.

There are of course cheaper ways to access your PayPal funds than paying £5.00 to speed things up. You could of course simply pay with funds from your balance to merchants that accept PayPal. Failing that if you purchase a PayPal top up card (which costs a one off £4.95) then you can transfer funds directly from your PayPal account to the PayPal card within 24 hours.

If however on the rare occasion you’re desperate for funds or have a large payment you just can’t wait for three days to spend feel free to donate a fiver to PayPal’s coffers and your PayPal withdrawal should hit your bank account one day sooner than normal.