IE8 Accelerators, Web Slices and eBay

Having been an avid Firefox user for years I’m starting to enjoy using Internet Explorer 8. It’s got a couple of really cute features that are ideal for using with eBay.

IE8 eBay Accelerator

ie8ebayacceleratorThe first is the IE8 eBay Accelerator. This allows you to highlight text on any website, click the Accelerator icon, move your cursor over the eBay icon, and be presented with buying options on eBay.
The example shown is a DVD and instantly I can see a better buying option on eBay without even leaving the site I’m currently browsing. This instant price comparison tool can be used by highlighting any text on any site on the web.
The only disappointment is that the eBay Accelerator is a manual add on to IE8, so limited to users who happen to find and install it.

IE8 eBay Web Slices

ie8ebaywebsliceThe second feature of IE8 (that’s great for monitoring auctions that you’re bidding on, or watching) is Web Slices. Essentially a Web Slice is a small part of a page saved in your browser favourites that you can view without loading the entire page.

In eBay search results, hovering your mouse over a listing (using IE8) gives you the option to add that item to your favourites bar. Once added to your browser there’s a refresh icon so that you can see an instant update of bids on the listing without even viewing the eBay site.
Unlike Accelerators, Web Slices are available for all users to use as soon as they upgrade to IE8.

Have you upgraded to IE8 and are you using either Accelerators or Web Slices yet? Do you use them for eBay or do you have any other favourite sites that they’ve proved useful for?