eBay.com retires old search system

eBay.com has announced that their old-style search format will be retired in April. The new “finding” system offers users the ability to specify a range of criteria from payment method and item location, to specifics of colour, size and item condition.

eBays say that 90% of users are now using the new format, and that “response from the Community to the new finding has been great”. A thread on the US discussion board is less enthusiastic: one member writes “the biggest single enhancement the users have asked for is to keep the OPT OUT link working because we don’t like or even want the new search”.

The announcement’s been made only for eBay.com, so it’s not quite clear how this will affect other sites: eBay UK had said the old system would be retired in March, so it’s possible we’ll see the option to opt out disappear before .com users do.