All new Skype 4.0 available for download

skype4Skype 4.0 has at last launched, although it’s taken almost as long as a real baby to be born. First released as a Beta in June 2008, Beta 2 followed in October and then Beta 3 in December.

Video is first and foremost in the new Skype, which always bemuses me as it’s the one Skype feature I never use. No one I want to speak to ever has a video camera set up, and even if they did I’m not going to shave and tidy the office just to make a phone call.

Skype chat, call quality, ease of use and especially SkypeOut are the things that matter most to me and those are the things Skype does well. SkypeOut is what matters to Skype too – that’s where they make their money, not from video calls which are invariably Skype to Skype and thus free.

If you’ve not used any of the Skype 4 beta releases then when you upgrade the first thing to strike you will be the size of the Skype window. If you find you can’t get used to it then clicking “View > Compact View” will give you a more familiar traditional Skype window. I’m so used to the new Skype having used the Betas for eight months I can’t use the compact view. The old Skype 3 now looks really dated to me, so give the new design a few weeks trial to get used to it, you never know, you might grow to like it too!

You can download the new Skype 4 from the Skype website, let us know what you think.