eBay UK to hide quantity on multi-item listings

eBay UK have now rolled out the change for multiple item listings made a few weeks ago on eBay.com. BIN items with an available quantity greater than 10 will now say simply “more than 10 available”, rather than listing the actual quantity a seller has in inventory. Here’s an example; I can sneakily reveal that Chris has 34 of these in stock.

As the original .com accouncement put it

buyers tend to purchase less often when they see a large quantity of items available. This is most likely because they feel a lack of urgency to purchase, or they perceive that the item isn’t selling well.

Hopefully this should instill a sense of urgency into more eBay shoppers, though I’d still say in some categories, “more than ten” is too many and sellers should stick with listing fewer and amending their listings where necessary.