How to get free subtitle until the end of January

Free subtitles for the whole of December is available for sellers with a Featured or Anchor shop. I have to say as one of those paying £50 or £350 a month it’s nice to see some added benefits coming in although the cost justifies itself purely on listing fees alone.

If you want to take advantage it’s possible to upgrade your shop, and if you’re a habitual user of subtitles it could cost justify itself in a month. The normal subtitle fee is £0.35 for short duration listings and £1.05 for 30 day listings – if you add subtitle to as few as 30 listings it pays for the upgrade. (30 listings @ 20p + £1.05 = £37.50, 30 listings @ 5p with £1.05 waived = £36.50 including the extra £35 shop fee)

Good ’til canceled listings are excluded from the promotion, which makes sense, if you add a subtitle you’d be paying for it on each renewal. By limiting the promotion to 30 day or shorter listings it gives the opportunity to remove the feature when you relist after the promotion period.

For those that wish to take full advantage it’s effectively free subtitle up until the end of January. Many sellers will be relisting their times on the 1st December with the new VAT rates, by adding a subtitle and relisting on the 31st December you have the opportunity of 60 days worth of subtitle for free.

I’ll be manually ending all of my listings tomorrow and relisting them on Monday 1st with revised VAT for free. Now I can add subtitle for free so what’s started as a nightmare for sellers has turned into a cloud with a silver lining.