Check your blocked bidder list for NARU ids

I don’t know about you, but in these days where feedback really does affect my ability to pay the bills, I’m using my blocked bidder list a lot more. I feel dirty somehow, blocking a buyer for “looking like trouble” in an ASQ or for being a bit whingy after the transaction, but the fact is that I, like all eBay sellers, can’t afford to deal with buyers who are going to trash our reputations. So onto the BBL they go.

For any newer sellers who haven’t yet discovered this useful tool, eBay allow you to block buyers with whom you don’t want to deal. You can find the list here.

And for those who have been on eBay a while, Toolhaus provide a useful tool for updating your list to remove NARU buyers. You’re allowed up to 5,000 names on your BBL, but with sellers now starting to share names they’ve blocked, I can see some users reaching that limit very, very quickly.