eBay Partner Network for affiliates launches April 1st

eBay Partner NetworkeBay have confirmed that as of 1st April, they will be running their own affiliate program, the eBay Partner Network. The Commission Junction-run program will end on 1st May, so that affiliates have a month to transition their accounts. Yes, we’re getting new links again!

Current tools for building affiliate links – the API, Editor Kit and Flexible Destination Tool – will remain the same. Affiliates will be able to register for multiple countries simultaneously, which is fantastic and long-overdue news. Combined with “landing page optimization and geo-targeting capabilities”, this sounds very promising indeed. We’re also promised “targetted banners” and more detailed reporting capabilities.

eBay are offering a 5% bonus on all traffic sent via the EPN to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, India and Spain eBay sites, and to Half.com (wot, no France?!) during April, so there’s your incentive to sign up early.

Not all current programs for eBay companies are affected: for example, Prostores, Skype and StubHub will remain with CJ; a full list is on the Affiliates Blog. Affilinet and TradeDoubler programs also remain in place. More details are available on the .com affiliates portal.

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