How to: Make the most out eBay gallery

Prompted by the fee changes which give free Gallery to sellers in the US, Eric from the eBay Selling Guide looked at ways to make your gallery pictures stand out from the crowd.

When paying for an additional feature, such as eBay gallery, it is best to get the most out of your investment. The extra fees associated with having a gallery image for each of your auctions really add up. You need to make those images work harder!

Here are 4 tips to get your auction titles clicked:

Drop the rectangle and use a square!

In order to get the largest gallery image available on eBay searches, you are going to have to crop your picture into a square. A square image will completely fill out the space that eBay provides (80 x 80 pixels), and it will look larger than most of the competition. Un-cropped images are typically 50×80 pixels.

Neon Border!

While using the photo editing software of your choice you should take one extra step to make your gallery image POP. Just insert a square border around your gallery image in a bright colour. Think Neon. This will draw even more attention to your auction.

Use a logo!

A great way to build your brand in your auction listing is to add a little logo in the corner, side, top, or bottom of your gallery image. If a logo is not your thing, try a word like “New” or “Sexy” in the image.

Mix it up!

You do not have to use the first picture you feature in your listing as a gallery image. You can crop the picture to highlight a specific aspect of your item. For more details read How To: Picking the Gallery Picture You Want.

Here is a great example taken from recent eBay listings where you can see how changing your eBay gallery picture can really make your title stand out:

eBay Gallery

Fine tuning your eBay gallery images will be a little more time consuming than what is likely your norm, but it will be worth it when you make more money than competitors selling the same items.

Editors note: In the UK gallery pictures are 64 x 64 pixels