eBay France makes Gallery compulsory

eBay France have just announced that from the 28th August, Gallery pictures will no longer be priced seperately, but will be included in a revised insertion fee.

Intended “to make searching the site more visual and more intuitive”, the new fee structure is designed to reward low-start auctions: there’s a new cheapest tranche for items starting at €1,00 or less, and this will apply to auctions only, as the lowest price for BIN on eBay.fr is €1,99.

There’s also a new most expensive tranche for items priced at €250 or more. Between the two, sellers of lower priced items may find themselves 5c a listing better off, while those selling items €50 or above will see fees increase by 15c.

Here’s the new price structure in comparison to the old:

Start Price Current fee
insertion + gallery
New fee
€0,01 – €1,00 €0,35 €0,20
€1,01 – €1,99 €0,35
€2,00 – €9,99 €0,45
€10,00 – €24,99 €0,60 €0,60
€25,00 – €49,99 €1,10 €1,15
€50,00 – €99,99 €1,70 €1,80
€100,00 – €249,99 €2,70 €2,85
€250 and above €3,90

No doubt there will be some sellers complaining about this – after all, not everyone uses Gallery, but for the majority, and especially for buyers, this should be a great step forward. If your item doesn’t demand a Gallery photo, then why not brand your listings in search, and put your logo there instead?

At the moment, this change has been announced solely for eBay France. However, August has traditionally been a time when eBay UK fees are tweaked, so we’d expect to see some changes there over the next few weeks too.