Shops fall out of Google results

eBay sellers watching their traffic reports closely last month might have noticed a drop in their traffic coming via Google. What they didn’t realise until today was that Google traffic had fallen not just to individual shops, but to the whole site. An eBay employee on the Powerseller Board (sorry, you can’t get in if you’re not a PS) described Google’s change as a “massacre”, saying:

one week 2,000 of the keywords we track were returning a Shops page on the first page of results, the next week it was 300.

It seems likely that this is the result of one of Google’s periodic changes to their search algorithm: please, lets not have any silly conspiracy theories about revenge for eBay’s banning of Google Checkout. Lets just hope that eBay’s search engine optimisation experts can get us back up at the top of the list again soon.